our process

From design thinking to design doing.

“That’s how it’s always been done” isn’t our style. Instead, we strive to make experiences better. More efficient. More impactful. We do that by embracing curiosity and learning in every step of our work. Every brand experience we create offers an opportunity to leverage new thinking, creations, and innovations. Problems get solved faster when we’re committed to finding insights every step of the way.

This four-step process is called the Freeman Learning Cycle. It guides our teams and yours to work faster, smarter and more collaboratively throughout the entire project. It’s more than a method to improve: it’s a never-ending cycle of constant learning and innovation in the name of better results for your bottom line.

  • Opportunity

    What is our intended goal?

    We set up our infrastructure for the project—business intelligence, assets, goals, document sharing platform and people—to align with business goals.

  • Formulate

    How will we get there?

    The team applies design thinking tools to solve for to the creative brief’s challenges. Then, the creative lead develops a concept that delivers on the objectives and clearly defines the concept’s vision for the internal team.

  • Build

    How will we do it right?

    The team produces the creative concept, with efficiency and while staying true to the design vision. We also document our work to inform the next cycle.

  • Debrief

    How did we do, and how will we do it better?

    The team reviews its successes and mistakes, to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings in the next cycle of work.