Elevating the Digital Marketing Strategy

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You’ve GOT to watch this

VidCon is the largest multi-genre online video conference in the world, with shows in Anaheim, Melbourne, and Amsterdam, and attendance that has skyrocketed from just 1,000 people at its 2010 debut to more than 25,000 at the most recent event. This phenomenal growth had been powered primarily through YouTube promotions, but the time had come for a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The show’s organizers turned to Freeman for help.

Let’s get social

Our first step was to strategize ways to reach VidCon’s three core audience segments —creators, communities, and industry — to best captivate their attention. We used this insight to develop personalized campaigns for each audience group, while being careful to maintain VidCon’s unique voice and style. Digital advertising ran on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and retargeting ads ran on Google AdWords using data generated by the Feathr platform.

Combining data and design

With VidCon’s social strategy revamped, our next focus was the event website. Although traffic to the site was high, visitors tended to quickly leave the site without clicking further, and this high bounce rate was a concern. To solve this problem, we built targeted landing pages with more relevant and descriptive “buy now” calls to action. On the home page, we optimized the graphics, including buttons and colors, to maximize conversions. And finally, we implemented more detailed analytics to monitor progress across content consumed, clicks on calls to action, and actual purchases completed.

That’s a wrap!

VidCon’s new cross-platform promotional strategy was a major success, ultimately leading to a 23 percent jump in ticket sales! The stepped-up social outreach greatly extended the event’s visibility, drawing 20,000 clicks from Facebook and Instagram, and 26,000 clicks from Twitter. Retargeting was also a winner, with a whopping 1.4 million clicks from Google AdWords at a lower cost than average conversion.