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A Diplomatic Affair

After a month-long, six-nation tour of Asia, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman visited China to boost trade links as part of his plan to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy through sustainable growth. The monarch arrived in Beijing with an entourage of over 1,000 influential people. With two weeks to design and deliver the event program, Saudi Aramco chose us to complete the experience for these countries to promote trade and investment partnerships as well as cultural convergence.

Strengthening Bonds

The strategy for enhancing business relationships focused on bilateral trade and investment in Saudi Arabia. As such, the theme “Convergence” was initiated to unite the businesses, cultures, and people of China and Saudi Arabia. Also, the Saudi-China Investment Forum and the Road to the Arab Republic were created to deepen political ties and foster a united mindset to work toward shared economic goals.

Convergence of Prestige and Culture

With such distinguished attendees — ministers, princes, senior government officials, and others — the logistical arrangement had to be seamless for both Saudi and Chinese officials while adhering to the highest level of security. With intensive communication between the two government bureaus, we transformed China World Hotel and China National Museum into an effortless touch point for the business summit and cultural performance. Guests experienced Saudi Arabia's royal dance performance and the traditional sword dance.

International Cooperation Toward The Future

The event was a huge success for business relations between Saudi Arabia and China.  King Salman's visit was the largest and most visible diplomatic and business event Saudi Aramco had ever organized in China. The expected attendees of the Saudi-China Investment Forum were vastly exceeded, with over 600 representatives. The design and atmosphere of the closing ceremony paved the way for strengthening cultural exchange and diplomatic relationships among the 200 guests.