Experience the Fun of Growing Up

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Transforming the World of Advancing

LeadingAge is an association of nonprofit organisations dedicated to expanding the possibilities for aging Americans. At its annual general meeting—which brings leaders in the industry together to network, learn, and research new trends and products—it wanted to create an innovative and thought-provoking platform while highlighting that the possibilities for the population are endless. 

Shared Memories and Experiences

With this in mind, we thought about how the story of America’s population, who are living longer, healthier and more productive lives could be told. Inspiration came from the idea that regardless of age, we all share experiences and create memories with one another. This informed a range of activations in the live space, which played on the idea that age is truly just a number. 

Embracing the Change

The activity began with the ‘When I Grow Up’ wall, where attendees could write a dream down on its surface. Inside the venue people could visit a photo booth and have their smiling faces appear on the ‘Never Ending Quilt,’ which moved like a conveyor belt over the space, and the ‘Message to Myself’ exercise saw them record a message to their future selves. There were also energising treatments and mindfulness moments at the ‘Age Is Just a Number’ vitality bar.

Never-Ending Inspiration

The event saw attendees actively engage with the various interactive touch points we created for them both within and outside of the event’s host venue. Countless people tweeted pictures of themselves in the ‘Never-Ending Quilt’ photo booth—which ended up spanning an impressive 785 feet long—and social media was abuzz with excitement and anticipation for future LeadingAge annual meetings.