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    Consulate Gala Dinner
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    Guangzhou, China
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Refined Rendezvous

A leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, Huawei wanted to host a thank you gala dinner in Guangzhou for various national consuls. A total of 56 consuls of various nationalities were expected. With an attendee pool of such high stature and importance, the client required an impeccable event program in an elegant environment for both Huawei and consuls to socialize.

Challenging Limits of Innovation

With 30 years of experience in the industry and a strong focus on safety, Huawei's products are used globally —even in the area of diplomacy. Being a constant advocate of innovation and challenging its own limits, Huawei has continued to shine a spotlight on the industry and raised the bar for what’s to come. As such, “Focus. Persevere. Breakthrough.” was born. The theme was deepening relationships and celebrating collaboration —encapsulating the essence of the event.

Lighting Up Relationships

The core of this event was “connection.” More precisely, connecting the consuls from 56 different countries and Huawei representatives. We expressed this through a unique sign-in activity, having national consuls and representatives from each country place their country’s flag on their respective countries on a world map, which would then light up to demonstrate how Huawei's cooperation with countries all over the world “continues to shine brightly” to achieve “Focus. Persevere. Breakthrough.”

Resounding Results

Attendee numbers were vastly exceeded with over 200 consuls and representatives from different countries and hundreds of representatives from Huawei. We fully executed the gala dinner, developing the concept, strategy and atmosphere that proved optimal for the client to progress in strengthening its diplomatic relationships while immersing guests in the spirit of the Huawei brand.