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Establishing the elite brand

Scotland-based Edrington is renowned for making some of the world’s most admired and desirable whiskies, most notably The Macallan—considered by many to be the premier luxury single malt whisky. Edrington set out to build loyalty among the next generation of premium whisky aficionados and discerning consumers. To impress the influential and affluent Singapore market, Edrington sought FreemanXP’s expertise to create an experience that would strengthen brand loyalty in existing customers and win new devotees.

Telling the story

FreemanXP’s research showed that in a crowded whisky market, brand differentiation is key. We developed the event theme, “Toast The Macallan." to emphasise Macallan’s individuality to the audience. The theme set the tone for an immersive and enlightening two-day experience for 1,200 whisky drinkers. Across six activation sessions, including flight tastings, guests took a sensory journey that revealed how The Macallan sets itself apart as a unique spirit, with its brand history, tradition, and distinct distillation processes.

Raising a glass

VIP guests at the “Toast The Macallan” brand experience were made to feel "one-of-a-kind," seamlessly reinforcing the sense that The Macallan whisky is a special creation. Local celebrity artists Alan Wu and Randall Tan were in attendance, and Kieron Elliott, The Macallan brand ambassador from Scotland, expertly led the whisky flight tastings. Every aspect of the event was curated to showcase the brand’s distinctive character and not only celebrate it, but elevate it.

Creating eternal loyalty

Unsurprisingly, sales of The Macallan at the event were incredibly strong, and media coverage of the unique endeavor was extensive and without exception, highly favorable. The experience created hundreds of lifetime connoisseurs of The Macallan and established the brand’s bona fides as the premier luxury single malt whisky on the market: a unique product for uniquely tasteful individuals.