Milestone Celebration

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    100 Year Anniversary in China
    Top Management
    VIP Guests
    Shanghai, China 
    Experience Design
    Content Development & Graphic Design
    Video & Animation

Celebration of the century

Deloitte was looking to celebrate their momentous 100th anniversary in China and honor key stakeholders for their contributions over the years. In addition to acknowledging its century-long impact in the China marketplace, Deloitte wanted to emphasize its strong leadership in innovation and digital solutions.

A vision like no other

The celebration theme was set as “shaping the new future” and “making another century of impact.” From the entrance of the Shanghai W Hotel to the conference site, every detail and touchpoint of the journey was designed to reinforce Deloitte’s brand recognition and promote a sense of belonging and resonance among all stakeholders. Innovative visual designs and multi-dimensional interactions were used to create a long-lasting impression.

Welcome to the future

The entire W Hotel transformed to immerse guests in the theme. LED intelligent electronic screens automatically greeted guests and gave them directions to proceed. An interactive photo wall allowed guests to create animated figures of themselves to share on social media. During the gala dinner, artistic performances were set against a moving digital display. On the outdoor lounge, guests saw a dazzling lightshow with Deloitte China 100th Anniversary images on the opposite building.

The night lives on

The celebration garnered widespread media coverage in China. Deloitte’s top management were thrilled with the outcome and expressed that it was an honor working with such a talented team to create an unforgettable experience that captured the significance of their 100th year milestone and inspired pride in Deloitte employees to continue making an impact.