By bringing together data, insights, and our perspective on global trends, we provide a strategic roadmap to deliver on your goals. The result? A clear and effective strategic plan that will help guide all messaging, media and measurement so your audiences will connect with your message and each other, driving home long-term results for your brand.

  • marketing strategy

    Driving relevance and purpose across every touchpoint.

    We harness our comprehensive understanding of the entire landscape to design a customized event marketing strategy that aligns with your broader business and marketing goals and campaigns. Our strategists address key channels for your audiences and craft a uniquely meaningful message that resonates. Before, during and after your event, your marketing will be cohesive across every touchpoint, hitting the desired target at the right time with the right call to action. 

  • audience research & segmentation

    Attract and retain the right audiences.

    Whether your goal is to extend your reach to younger audiences or keep people engaged year after year, audience research and segmentation is the critical first step.

    Our hybrid approach brings together audience data, external research, and industry trends for a 360-degree understanding of your target audiences.

  • event performance audit

    Discover untapped opportunities to optimize results.

    It’s always our goal to produce results-driven, meaningful experiences. We help you appraise, evaluate, and analyze success to quantify how closely your event performed against business objectives.

    Event performance audits are a valuable tool for clients seeking an outside perspective. Using qualitative and quantitative benchmarks, our team identifies new opportunities and provides recommendations for what to continue, and where to improve.

  • experience design

    Experiences are only as valuable as the results they deliver.

    Our experience design practice is equal parts strategy and creative execution.

    Whether it’s leveraging a new technology, a fun twist on traditional media, or a targeted customer intimacy program, every creative idea is influenced by our insight into audience, data, and research. The end result is a purposefully designed experience that brings to life your message and business objectives.

  • measurement & roi

    Identify ROI with clear-cut measurement tools.

    When your program serves a multitude of audiences and objectives, measuring return on investment can become a challenge.

    Whether it’s the number of products purchased, leads generated, social media amplification, or VIP interactions conducted, we’ll help identify key metrics that become a roadmap for success.

  • portfolio planning

    Ensure every event in your portfolio advances your business objectives.

    Whether you participate in 10 events a year or 100, it’s important each one deliver on your business objectives and aligns with your broader marketing efforts. We’ll help you to clarify those objectives, then develop a process to vet events so you can make strategic investments for your organization and confidently decide which events will have the biggest impact.

  • social media

    Extend and amplify your message to a larger audience.

    Our strategy team will design a strategy that’s aligned with your goals and seamlessly integrates social media into the pre, during and post event experience. We'll also create a post-event project management plan to continue to amplify event content through social media, measure success, and track growth.

  • sponsorship strategy

    Drive more results with sponsorships

    We’ll assess the effectiveness of your current sponsorship program and refine your strategy to align with your organization’s goals. From enhancing existing sponsorship opportunities to identifying new revenue potential, we’ll help you build relationships with the right partners to grow your program strategically.