Create an immersive experience for attendees.

  • Engagement Tech

    Audiences worldwide rely on digital tools to quickly find information and connect with each other. High tech extensions are an increasingly important way to enhance the experience of your event. Leverage our engagement technologies to make your event more interactive, engage attendees from their own devices, and provide real-time feedback and analytics.

  • Digital Signage and Displays

    Manage all the content displayed on the screens, kiosks, and monitors placed throughout your event. It’s easy to swap out content or make last-minute changes.

  • Second Screen (FXP | touch)

    Interactive presentations are one tap away with FXP | touch, our award-winning, proprietary second screen platform. Engage attendees on their own screens in real-time with on-screen content, live polling, and audience feedback. 

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  • Event Mobile Apps

    Keep people informed, engaged, and tuned in with an always up-to-date agenda on their phone. Attendees have in-app opportunities to connect, interact, and share, while you have surveys, polls, and dashboards for measurement.

  • Virtual Reality

    Invite attendees to experience a different world or step into a new reality. We’ll create a custom 3D virtual experience for your program. 

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  • Interactive Kiosks and Walls

    Invite attendees to share feedback at kiosks around your show floor or install interactive displays and video walls to attract attendees to key areas within your event. We provide the hardware and back-end technology.

  • Wayfinding

    Digital signs do more than help attendees get where they need to go. Wayfinding technology showcases sponsors, streams video, and incorporates social media.

  • Online Event

    Quickly and easily broadcast your message and track audience engagement. Create new revenue streams, drive training opportunities, and reach a larger audience with our award-winning platform and production services. 

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