Integrate smart digital tools throughout every stage of your campaign to amplify results. Our digital services and tools will simplify pre-event marketing and planning, keep day-of communication running smoothly, and involve your attendees more fully in new experiences, all while providing new audience insights before, during and after your event.

  • digital marketing

    Drive growth with an online presence that represents your brand from the first click to the last.

    Create a consistent and targeted online experience wherever audiences encounter your brand.You've spent countless hours creating an amazing event. And your digital experience should reflect the same care, energy, and message. To help our clients deliver successful events, we offer digital marketing services across web, email, mobile, social, and digital advertising — all designed specifically for events. As the world's premiere brand experience company, no agency knows more about events than Freeman. It's our only focus, and we will work with you to ensure that your digital properties are aligned first and foremost to your event. No matter where audiences encounter your brand, it will be a consistent and targeted experience that's designed to meet your objectives.

    • Development
    • Email Marketing 
    • Social Media Strategy & Activation 
    • Digital Advertising
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  • enablement technology

    Manage every aspect of your event

    Orchestrating any event often means you need to be in five places at once. We leverage these Freeman tools to make it easy for brands and exhibitors to do just that. Use our web-based products to tour venues virtually, order materials, track shipments, manage sponsors, and keep tabs on all the other moving pieces, all at the same time.

    • FreemanOnline
    • Classic PlanTour
    • Custom PlanTour
    • The Hub
    • PassPort
    • ConciergeElite
    • ExhibitPlanner
    • Presentation Management
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  • engagement tech

    Create an immersive experience for attendees.

    Audiences worldwide rely on digital tools to quickly find information and connect with each other. High tech extensions are an increasingly important way to enhance the experience of your event. Leverage our engagement technologies to make your event more interactive, engage attendees from their own devices, and provide real-time feedback and analytics.

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