Compelling creative tells a thought-provoking story through multiple mediums to leave a lasting impression. Our teams build powerful and resonant brand interactions that inspire, amaze, and influence. From big picture ideas to creative execution, we create memorable experiences that delight and inspire your audiences to action.

  • branding

    Bring your brand to the spotlight

    Live experiences dimensionalize your brand in ways that will leave a lasting impression. Our teams interprets how your brand can best come to life, and ensures consistency through content, design, and creative use of materials starting with the pre-event communications, to on-site distinctive environments, to large-scale events.

  • content development

    Captivate your audience with content educates, entertains, and inspires

    Turn passive audiences into engaged ones with smart content that resonates long term. From marketing collateral and conference guides, to content for general sessions and keynote presentations, or even Virtual Reality, we will deliver your message throughout every touchpoint. 

  • experience design

    Invite people to experience your brand differently

    We weave your brand narrative throughout an experience, from the beginning to the end. Whether you're interacting with your audience online, or live through a multi-sensory experience, we find every moment in the journey is an opportunity to unveil another chapter of your story. By design, we create experiences that surprise, delight, and resonate to create these long-remembered moments for your brand.

  • graphic design

    Eye-catching graphics for many mediums

    Your environment presents numerous opportunities to engage your audience visually. We challenge our designers to create beautiful communication systems that showcase a brand’s visual language and information across multiple mediums. Making strategic and creative use of every screen, banner, and structure requires a full-service graphic design team that understands how to maximize every medium, and how it will look in the real world. From creating graphic elements for in-session presentations to designing larger-than-life graphics to tell a story words can't, our graphic designers will help your brand look its best.

  • event and exhibit design

    We design show-stopping exhibits at any scale

    We create human-centered design solutions that focus on the intersection of people and brands. Whether an environment is large scale or more intimate, a thoughtful, well-executed design brings people together and evokes emotion, inspires interaction, and strengthens connections. Since we’ve had the opportunity to create, design, and construct exhibits in thousands of venues worldwide, we leverage that international insight, proprietary knowledge, and network of resources to design never-before-seen creative executions for clients around the globe.

  • production & scenic design

    A well-designed scene creates long-lasting emotional connections

    The more you immerse your audience in a shared emotion, the more lasting the impression. Our artists, set designers, and industrial designers create dynamic settings that amplify your presentations, speakers, and performances. From graphics that set the right tone to constructing a functional yet awe-inspiring structure, we deliver your vision on stage, on screen, and on brand.

  • presentation support

    More dynamic presentations make for more dynamic presenters

    Your speakers are the stars, and we design the stage, content, and media around them to set the scene. No matter what atmosphere you want to create, we’ll incorporate powerful imagery and messages to match. Presenters will feel energized by the atmosphere, leading to more compelling delivery and increased engagement with your audience.

  • entertainment & guest speakers

    Inspire audiences to action with world-class speakers, performers, and musicians

    Nothing engages audiences like a great performance. While of-the-now talent will certainly generate buzz, it’s vital the act, performer, or speaker is connected to the story you want to tell. We work with you to ensure all performances connect to your brand story and resonate with your audience to inspire action.

  • video and animation

    Create rich brand experiences with video content

    From creating on-screen animations for general sessions, to designing Virtual Reality experiences that transport attendees to different worlds, our video teams produce video content from the informative to the immersive, from the functional to the emotive.