FreemanXP TrendLab

Experience is the foundation that drives brand affinity, loyalty and advocacy.

Smart marketers know that positive brand experiences — both live and online — generate real business results and create significant earned media through digital, social and word of mouth communications.

Today’s audiences, however, have higher expectations for engagement, interaction and personal benefit. They are impacted not by the last event they attended, but the last experience they’ve had - period.

In addition to event trends, the FreemanXP TrendLab looks outside our industry at the social, behavioral, and technological factors that will ultimately become the drivers of our industry’s future.

Download our latest FXP TrendLab insights. Or, for brands wanting a deeper look, contact us to request a TrendLab Workshop and receive:

  • A health check of your communication and brand experience needs, concerns and challenges.
  • A quick dive into the trends that affect your brand and business.
  • The beginning of a roadmap and strategy to give you the competitive edge.