Viral impact

The Viral Impact of Events: Best Practices to Amplify Event Content

Live events provide an authentic platform with which to engage and expand audiences and fully galvanize brand communities.

Savvy marketers extend the reach and frequency of their messaging by amplifying face-to-face programs through strategic digital marketing plans that harness the immediacy of brand experiences, and expand their range of influence and scale. 

Event and experiential marketers are increasingly focused on making an impact beyond the live event. To assess this trend, FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute have developed a unique, groundbreaking study that analyzes how top brands are using social media to extend the reach and visibility of their event and experiential programs.

This report also provides the following:

  • Viral impact estimates and measurement benchmarks
  • How social media is used pre-event, during events and post-event
  • Most effective social media channels

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