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The Value of Brand Experience

A curated collection of views and proof points behind the power of experiential marketing

Brands and organizations continue to turn toward experience marketing as a way to build relationships, garner new audiences, and capture new data that shows what their audiences are really thinking. It's an essential element in the customer experience ecosystem. It cannot be confined by the stats of other marketing channels. So, we’ve curated a collection of event research, views, and proof points that only scratch the surface in showing the powerful medium that is brand experience. And our latest volume features a bonus chapter with stats that show why events are such a valuable asset for exhibitors. 

Why experience? Download this curated collection and get the industry stats on how experiences: 

  • Amplify reach
  • Build relationships
  • Drive sales
  • Create value

Our thanks to the institutions, companies, and people cited in this research. Want to add a stat? Email us – we’d love to hear from you

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