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Optimizing Your Healthcare Event Investment

Developing the Ideal Congress Strategy

Healthcare event marketers are always being charged to do more — especially when it comes to maximizing their investment in developing and maintaining a congress portfolio. Congresses are one of the best places to drum up awareness of products and introduce messages to the market, but the challenge many healthcare marketers face is how to adjust their congress message based on life cycle. That's why it's essential to plan a portfolio with a multiyear congress strategy that makes sense for the life cycle of your product.

In this latest insights paper, Optimizing Your Healthcare Event Investment, you'll learn more about:

  • Defining target audience segments and creating profiles
  • Prioritizing options and determining which events will provide the right audiences
  • Identifying and measuring the KPIs that prove out your portfolio investment
  • Building the right kind of experience for your audience

Included is a handy worksheet to help you start the congress strategy planning process. 

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