Attendee engagement

Maximizing Attendee Engagement and Value by Design

AttendeesÂ’ time is invaluable. Their attention is spread paper-thin and their knowledge is extensive. Good enough is no longer enough for events and brand experiences.

For today’s sophisticated audiences, whose needs are met instantly by a touch on a device, brand experiences must keep up to not only meet attendee expectations but to motivate them to engage. Through social listening at events both large and small, marketers can assess who needs what and where, instantly—thus integrating the digital and live engagement to feed insights into an experience design framework.

During this process, we observed a set pattern in the social engagement journey of the attendees. The five identified cluster of attendee needs were ‘voiced’ in an order, drawing an interesting parallel to the hierarchy of needs developed by renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow. With this information, we are able to plan, design, respond, and brand experiences that are much more personalized and relevant, thus motivating attendees into pre-determined, desired behaviors—all with a simple technique anyone can use. 

Download this insights paper to discover:

  • How attendee needs are parallel to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • The right-timed experience triggers that fulfill basic needs and engage participants with deeper interactions
  • The ways in which techology and social media allow marketers to monitor, adjust, and amplify the attendee experience
  • How to map out the attendee journey to drive interaction like never before

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