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Why Should Marketers Be Investing in Brand Experience?

Why Should Marketers Be Investing in Brand Experience?

Weighing in on the value of the medium

The inaugural Brand Engagement Week kicks off in the UK today… A celebration of, and platform for, “live and interactive sales and marketing,” of which brand experience plays an integral part. The week includes a range of events, and draws upon key thought leaders and industry advocates to share their insights on the need to engage audiences across all touch points.

To mark the occasion, members of the FreemanXP team share their thoughts around brand experience and why our industry is so valuable.

Q. What is the overall benefit of brand experience?

From a very personal point of view I think brand experience is amazing because storytelling is the way to a person’s heart… and when you touch the heart, you create a connection. That connection is the start of an authentic relationship which ultimately can lead to a mutual benefit — satisfaction of the customer and ROI for the brand. – Melle Pama, Creative Director

Brand experience encourages people to formulate their own opinions and become personally immersed in a brand. It allows for a meaningful relationship to be formed with an audience, so that they invest in the story themselves as well as advocate it among their peers. – Simon Boniface, Creative Director    

Q. What role does brand experience play within the marketing mix?

The medium is incredibly important today. It provides brands with the opportunity to get really creative and immerse their target audiences in their brand — whether that be via a permanent brand house right through to a one-off, tech-focused experience — the opportunities really are endless. – Claudia Stephenson, VP, Business Development

Brand experience unifies people, organisations and cultures — on both a local and global level — in a positive way. The experience channel allows for bridges to be built between brands, marketers and consumers, and in doing so educates us about what our audiences value the most. – Rebecca Walker, Business Development Manager

Q. What impact does brand experience have on Gen Zs?

With an ability to connect beyond a forced and superficial level, brand experience creates the kind of trust and intimacy that Gen Z most desire in a brand. It acts as a platform to showcase personal involvement, and allows us to engage directly with the overall brand story. This captivates my generations as it encourages individuality, mutual respect and a closer relationship between us and the brand. – Charlotte Bresnahan, Marketing and Events Intern 

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