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What to Watch Out for at Mobile World Congress 2017

What to Watch Out for at Mobile World Congress 2017

Our team on the ground reveals their top picks

Marketers from across the globe head to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, an event which truly  demonstrates the power of brand experience and face-to-face communication. It’s where some of the world’s most renowned brands showcase their latest technology products in a live environment, and it offers attendees the chance to witness how these new innovations can enhance their marketing and brand experience strategies first-hand.  

Members of our FreemanXP EMEA team are on the ground at Mobile World Congress. Here, they share some of their highlights so far.

Brands Take a Vibrant, Interactive Approach

Andrew Savill, Brand Experience VP

Aesthetically, I am drawn in by stands that are vibrant, playful and exude a lot of colour, and there are a number of brands that have taken such an approach at this year’s event.

At the IBM stand, rather than feature solely computers that showcase its software functionalities, the brand has focused in on practical applications that highlight how their products work in the real world. The capabilities of its cognitive computing system known as Watson, for example, are brought to life by a physical dress that is enclosed in a clear case and can respond to different questions or triggers. 

Both Alcatel and Accenture have opted for interesting spaces that generate curiosity and alter brand perceptions. With its playful illustration-filled chalk board, exposed brick work and brand name lit up with carousel lights, the Alcatel stand wouldn’t look out of place on the fashion high street, meanwhile the vibrant, yellow coloured space from management consultancy Accenture draws attendees in as it’s an approach they’ve not seen from the brand in this space before.

The Rise of Inclusive, Customer Centric Spaces 

Niru Desai, VP, Strategy

In a day and age where our political and economic boundaries are cause for debate, brands at Mobile World Congress are creating a sense of inclusivity by choosing to do away with what can be perceived as un-inviting structures, and instead opting for designs that put the attendee at the centre, while also ensuring they stand out from the competition. 

For some brands — such as Cisco and HP, the core of their stands are positioned behind brightly lit fluorescent, see-through structures that suspend their logos in the air and frame them within the wider exhibition space. This approach draws attendees in, and also allows brands to engage with existing customers and prospects at a deeper level behind-the-scenes, through meetings and product demonstrations.

The outer peripheral of many stands has been designed to maintain an openness about them, and content and displays, such as Samsung's collective 4D virtual reality experience are used to generate intrigue and invite passing visitors to stop by and engage. 

Overall it’s an interesting approach that creates a unique and welcoming environment, while also ensuring their respective brands stand out in the halls.

Focusing on a Central Feature to Entice Visitors

Claudia Stephenson, VP, Business Development

From suspended digital screens to LED lights that change colour, creative installations and movement – there is a real essence of brands having something that draws the eye in at Mobile World Congress this year. These unique engagement experiences act as a focal point of the stand and catch attendees’ eye as they make their way around the halls.

Brands like VM Ware have created an airline VR passenger experience that is all about ‘advancing the airline industry’ on the outer section of its stand, which generates buzz and encourages visitors to stop by, meanwhile visually engaging, moving LED screens frame the SK Telecom stand. There’s also consumer electronics brand Vestel, whose stand has a moving mosaic mobile screen, and at MWC the brand is in fact, taking part in an official attempt at a Guinness World Record for the largest animated mobile phone mosaic ever seen.

From colourful spaces inspired by consumer environments to inclusive spaces and engaging displays, the brand experiences on show at Mobile World Congress are sure not disappoint visitors to this year’s show.

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