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Virtual Reality’s Real Operational Opportunity

Virtual Reality’s Real Operational Opportunity

Why the right team makes all the difference in a successful VR implementation

Everybody is talking about how virtual reality will change the events industry. While the opportunity is exhilarating, it’s also important to know how to best approach VR from a strategic standpoint and how to put the right people in place to ensure success.

VR is an exciting, trending technology. And it's something everybody wants to experience at events. But don’t forget about its real purpose in the event space — it is a tool to engage and connect with attendees, and make an impact with your brand. It should never replace the personal interactions that make face-to-face events so important. So it's essential to have the right team of people in place to fully support a virtual reality activation.

Explore Your Imagination — Virtually: Freeman VR

While it’s important to have interesting activations and engagement technologies at your events, it’s not just about being cool and trendy. Your staff needs to be prepared to discuss those technologies with your attendees and talk about how your brand is positioning itself in the market by leveraging them.

That’s why strategy needs to exist in order to support how technology will actually make an impact on your audience. Virtual reality, or any other technology, has amazing potential when it is positioned in the right way, but just having the technology in place will not necessarily create the results you’re seeking. That’s why having a strategy that drives your execution will help you achieve your overall goals.

Putting the right team in place for success

In addition to strategy, there must be a comprehensive operational plan both before and during the event. This plan should enable your event technology to make an impact through execution, accommodate training your staff on personal engagements, and help create value and ROI for your company. Having a dedicated operations team is one of the ways to secure the implementation of technology like virtual reality, making sure that all the pieces come together before the event and that everything flows smoothly.

Having an operations team running point on your VR project empowers your investment to be sustainable and run successfully while gathering learning points along the way. All these elements help make your next implementation that much better. By combining strategists, creatives, operations, and technology gurus in one working team, we can create amazing experiences powered by technology.

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