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UK Events Week: Bringing Industry Professionals Together

UK Events Week: Bringing Industry Professionals Together

Event director reveals the idea behind UK Events Week

To celebrate the start of Confex 2017, we spoke to Liz Agostini, Event Director at Mash Media, the publishing house and event organiser behind UK Events Week. 

How did Mash Media come up with the idea for UK Events Week?

It was born out of the fact that International Confex and the Event Production Show draw the industry to London, so there was this concentration of event professionals in the capital during this time.

We found there was an opportunity to frame our events with additional activity, and given the significance of the events industry to the UK economy, we felt an initiative like UK Events Week would be something that event professionals would want to take time out for.  

Event careers by their very nature are all-consuming, so it’s nice for industry professionals to have that chance to take a breather and review how they go about their jobs – whether it be how they can improve what type of technologies they are using at their events or learning about the latest innovations in the market.

What role do you feel UK Events Week plays in furthering the event industry?

It’s our way of raising the profile of the industry. We have events like London Technology Week that shine the spotlight on the tech sector, and we saw UK Events Week as a great way to celebrate the vibrant events industry.  

Through peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing – learnings that can’t be had in the office – UK Events Weeks allows us to look at how we can improve ourselves as an industry.

What are your highlights in the UK Events Week programme?

Confex and the Event Production Show are at the top of the list, of course! In all seriousness though, all of the events in this year’s programme are really relevant to their industry niche – whether it be exhibitions, conferences or experiential, there is something for everyone.

The unique point about this initiative is that it’s a crowd-sourced week – we offer a completely open forum for anybody to host and publicise their own event, and invite the industry to capitalise on this momentum.

What are your goals for the initiative moving forward?

We want to continue to consolidate UK Events Weeks so that every day is filled with 10 or 12 incredibly compelling sessions.

There is so much value in taking a couple of hours out of the office to network and learn from industry colleagues, and we want to further raise awareness of these benefits to the industry, so that UK Events Week is in their consciousness as a must-attend event in the annual calendar.

Where do you expect the UK event industry to be in five years, and looking further afar, 20 years?

We’ve seen enormous growth of the sector over the last 20 years at Mash Media, and I can only see this continuing. The fact that events are now part of nearly every corporate’s marketing mix is testament to this. The value of face-to-face communication cannot be underestimated, and I see more and more brands embracing the medium in years to come.

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