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UK Events Week: A Look at What Makes Our Industry So Unique

UK Events Week: A Look at What Makes Our Industry So Unique

Shining a spotlight on the events industry in the UK

UK Events Week — a festival of topical presentations, networking events and awards that shine the spotlight on our vibrant industry is taking place this week. To celebrate, we're hosting Q&As with brand experience professionals. First up is Kim Myhre, SVP International. 

UK Events Week is a great initiative. What other ways can event professionals get involved to further promote the value of the industry?

We’re in the business of experience, so I think getting out and about and experiencing industry events and interacting with our peers is incredibly important. We all need to come together and collaborate for the benefit of the brand experience industry, and participating in events about the event sector are a great way to do that. 

It’s also increasingly important that event professional look outside the traditional events sector to learn from other marketing and media disciplines. The future of brand experience will require much more cross-discipline, media agnostic approaches. Only through innovation in the brand experience sector will we be able to raise the overall profile of the industry and highlight the various reasons why brands should be devoting more of their marketing budgets to live and online experiences.

What is it that makes our industry so unique?

Brand experiences achieve what other marketing mediums alone cannot. They have a unique ability to bring people together in a shared, engaging and memorable experience.

Brand experiences can immerse attendees in unique brand storyworlds, engaging them in new and unique ways. These memorable and measurable experiences offer consumers insight into a brand that they might not experience through more traditional mediums. Overall, integrated marketing campaigns where brand experience plays an integral part are the way forward.

What key trends are you currently seeing in the industry?

There is no question that event technology has begun to transform the live event experience. Whether the technology is providing better networking, enhanced event navigation, richer content experiences or more interactive participation, it has become a staple of the event experience. One trend that is important here is the concept of ‘technology with purpose’. Applying event technology requires real audience insight and careful consideration of the value of its application to ensure that the technology is actually enhancing the event experience rather than becoming an audience distraction.

As we move forward the lines between the live and online experience will continue to blur.  Today we live in a world where we simultaneously navigate our live and online experience. In the future we will all be creating truly seamless on live experiences by embracing technology as a way to enhance the live event

Where do you see the industry headed over the next decade or so? Any key trend predictions?

Over the last few years it’s become apparent that brand experiences are no longer a nice thing to have, they are becoming the bedrock of any integrated brand marketing strategy. I predict this will only continue as more and more marketers realise the effectiveness of the medium.

I also believe that to ensure our industry continues to grow and prosper, we’ll need to come together to improve the sector as a collective group, by embracing things like event technology so that we’re ahead of the curve, and developing new measurement strategies that highlight the effectiveness of the sector.

What events are you most looking forward to in 2017?

Mobile World Congress, which kicked off today in Barcelona, is a great one to visit due to the sheer size and creativity of exhibition stands from the biggest players in the global mobile space. SXSW is always on my radar, as it’s a hotbed for innovation. I am a big music fan, so any immersive exhibition inspired by a ‘band brand’ is always on the top of my list, and this April I’ll be attending Game Changers: Another Way to Play at Somerset House, an immersive exhibition that looks at how games continue to evolve.

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