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TSNN: Three Ways to Supercharge Your Sponsorships

TSNN: Three Ways to Supercharge Your Sponsorships

Hellena O’Dell of Freeman shares best practices for making sponsorships work.

06/12/18 — From TSNN: "'When it comes to events, who says people have to be stuck inside four walls to learn? Who says they have to be sitting or standing? They can be moving, touching, tasting, walking or playing. We get so caught up in what we want the hosting sessions and content to look like that we forget to ask ourselves what our guests might want...

"'We should be creating experiences that our attendees would be happy to do in their off time. Maybe they prefer to do their learning out in the sunshine or while they’re doing yoga, or at a scotch or tequila tasting (and honestly, who wouldn’t?). Instead of doing our keynote in an arena that holds 10,000 people, why not a ballpark or a zoo? That sort of thing resonates and engages, and most importantly, it sets us apart.'"

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