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The Importance of Initiatives Such as UK Events Week

The Importance of Initiatives Such as UK Events Week

The ILEA President on the current and future of the industry

Alistair Turner, President of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) —UK Chapter, spoke with us about how the UK Events Week initiative is boosting the events industry and what we can expect from the various sessions that make up the week-long programme. 

What’s the purpose of UK Events Week?

UK Events Week is a festival of events, all with the united purpose of promoting and celebrating the UK events industry. The theme for this year is around the industry’s engagement with businesses and brands — the organisations that fund the events we deliver.

There are sessions that offer insight into the worlds of senior event professionals from top brands, meanwhile other speakers include experts in understanding the language of brands, and an economist will look at how future economic trends could affect our industry.

How can event professionals get involved to further promote the value of the industry?

Last year we noticed that event profs saw UK Events Week as a bit of a cheerleader of their day-to-day roles, so it worked really well in that sense. We want them to engage as much as possible, either by attending events that appeal to them or voicing their requests on social media. Many event companies opted to host their own bespoke events to celebrate the week. This is happening more and more this year, and I hope to see this only increase moving forward. 

What are your highlights for the week-long event?

My personal highlight is a session that looks at the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the charity sector. The experiences that are being created in this industry are stunning, and something we can all learn from.

Where do you see UK Events Week headed in the future?

It works really well as part of International Confex and the Event Production Show, and adds value to those visiting London for these events. It’s got a great following and includes some great events — long may that continue!

What are your predictions for the state of the UK event industry in the next five years, and looking further afield, in 20 years? 

I think the experience economy and the changing economic climate for millennials and centennials are going to open a lot of doors for our industry; we have much to capitalise on. I also think that event agencies are leading the growth of the industry, and there is no reason that this won’t continue. It’s a really exciting time, and the industry is in good shape. 

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