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The DoubleDutch Tour: Five Things to Know About Live Engagement Marketing

The DoubleDutch Tour: Five Things to Know About Live Engagement Marketing

Tips for combining the digital with the physical at your events

Written by Brea Carter

Our event technology partner DoubleDutch launched the EMEA leg of its Live Engagement Tour, June 21, in London, where the team shared a number of event technology insights with attendees. 

During the event, DoubleDutch discussed their view of live engagement marketing (LEM), and how guests can apply the idea to their own events.  

1. The concept defined 

Lawrence Coburn, CEO and co-founder of DoubleDutch kicked off the proceedings with an introduction to the concept of live engagement marketing.

He described it as a “brand new discipline," which sees digital marketing principles applied to the physical world — including live experiences such as exhibitions, tradeshows, meetings and conferences.

2. LEM can influence, and change, physical interactions

Coburn shared a number of ways that event organisers can apply LEM to their events. He explained that it can influence assisted serendipity, which refers to humans’ ability to remove chance from real-life situations.

Event technology at events can be used to match attendees based on factors such as their job titles, areas of specialisation and event objectives, reducing the probability that they will interact with individuals who are not relevant to them.  

3. LEM and traditional business models

Tradeshows, by their very nature, are large. They are typically housed in the world’s biggest exhibition centres, encompass hundreds of exhibitors, and are visited by thousands of people. That said, it can be difficult to develop targeted offers at events of this nature.  

Coburn explained that event technology allows for exhibitors to disrupt this model. By using a targeted event app, they can sit at their booth, choose the companies or individuals that they wish to target, alert them, and importantly, give them a reason to come to their booth.

4. Don’t underestimate the MC

Justin Gonzalez, Head of Brand Communications at DoubleDutch, encouraged guests to include their event MC or host in their LEM strategy.

He explained that by taking attendees through a particular event app or other technology, and reminding them to engage with it throughout the course of an event, the host can effectively help to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

5. Quick tips for becoming a live engagement marketer

Emily He, CMO at DoubleDutch shared five key tips for attendees looking to embrace LEM:

The partnership between Freeman and DoubleDutch, which was announced in December 2015, sees Freeman offer event attendees access to DoubleDutch’s mobile event technology platforms, and earlier this year Freeman’s online exhibitor interface was integrated with the DoubleDutch for Exhibitors product, effectively enhancing the customer experience. 

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