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Special Events Magazine: FreemanXP a Top 50 Event Company

Special Events Magazine: FreemanXP a Top 50 Event Company

FreemanXP is recognized by Special Events magazine as a leader in the events industry

From Special Events magazine's "50 Top Event Companies" overview: "The future of special events? These big event players, who expect to bring in $2.2 billion this year, sum it up in one little word—technology, which evaluates the event guests’ experience and gives them what they want even before they know they want it. But tech must be used with tact or the guests can be alienated rather than engaged."

FreemanXP was highlighted for its global growth as well as its “FXP | rok” division, which brings headline entertainment and world-class speakers to live events.

Special Events editors also recognized FreemanXP’s thought leadership. "FreemanXP has launched the Freeman Connections Index, designed to be a comprehensive look at the technology, learning, and global trends that will impact event organizers now and in the future."

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