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Five Ways to Incorporate Tech at Your Next Event

Five Ways to Incorporate Tech at Your Next Event

Technology can add an extra layer to brand experiences

Written By: Ed Scutt

Technology permeates every aspect of our daily lives, and the brand experience industry is no exception. We’re embracing technology to engage with exhibitors and attendees in new and unique ways, to enhance their pre, during and post-event experience.

The good news is, there are many ways to employ a tech-savvy approach, whether you are looking for new ways to integrate technology into an existing event, or are a first-time exhibitor keen to add an extra dimension to your exhibition stand.

Leverage Pre-Event Data Collection  

Make the most of the online registration process by including a series of questions that will allow you to learn more about your attendees. This data can then be analysed and used to provide each individual with an experience that is tailored to them. People consume personalised content day in, day out and they now expect the same from their event experiences.

Combine the Online with the Offline

As the boundaries between our live – or real – and online experiences become more blurred, the term ‘onlive’ has emerged. This refers to how we can use technology to enhance, rather than interrupt the live experiences we create. It can be achieved by creating dedicated event or exhibition stand content such as videos, imagery or even a complete mobile app, so that people can use their phones or tablets to build on the events they’re experiencing in the offline world. 

Utilise Second Screen Technology

More and more, people want content to complement what they are experiencing at events. Second screen technology, which taps into things like delegates’ mobile phones and tablets, allows people to engage with, and respond to the content they come across — whether it be at an individual exhibition stand right through to an event’s content session. Second screen technology can also be used to uncover what attendees want via polling and voting mechanisms and this data can then be employed to improve the event experience moving forward.

Learn About Your Guests’ Movement

Visitor tracking allows us to uncover how attendees behave at an event. With this technology, organisers and exhibitors can understand how people move through an event or towards individual stands; including their dwell time across different areas. This information can be used to provide attendees with live information that is tailored around their behaviour, leading them to similar spaces that might be of interest to them; and allows event organisers and exhibitors to customise future experiences.

Get Social

It might seem obvious, but the power of social media cannot be underestimated at an event. Ensure your event or brand has a strong social media presence; and promote your event or presence at a show before, during, and after it takes place. Teasers about what attendees can expect from your event or your exhibition stand can increase registration numbers, and live tweets enable those who can’t attend the chance to tune in from afar. Post-event coverage can extend the life of the overall event or your presence within it, reminding attendees of the great experience they had.

Technology plays an important role in our sector as we look to push the future of the brand experience category forward. Event technology presents a great way for organisers and exhibitors to not only start new conversations with their target audiences via engaging activities and insights, but it also enables them to keep the conversation going with attendees throughout the year, effectively enhancing the life of their event or brand.

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