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Six Unexpected Details that Make a Special Event Deliver Big Brand Experience

Six Unexpected Details that Make a Special Event Deliver Big Brand Experience

Make a brand splash with attention to the details

Looking for more than just the same old song and dance? Take your next special event to the next level and go beyond the typical checklist. Going the extra mile to add little touches will enhance your guests’ experience and make it memorable. 

Start early

An event doesn’t begin when you walk through the door of the venue; it begins the minute the attendee starts to think about attending the event. From the pre-event promotion to arrival at the parking lot — what can you do to improve that experience? Before guests enter the venue, think about how to make it special. For example, playing music outside the event sets the tone for the upcoming program and builds an excitement and energy as guests arrive. Place greeters outside the event space to make guests feel welcome  ballroom; it begins the minute the attendee arrives to the parking lot. Invitations and offer themed beverages or appetizers to start the experience early. 

Space and objectives work hand in hand

Selecting the right venue helps to achieve your special event objectives. What type of mood do you want to set? How do you want attendees to explore? A perfect example is an event that leads guests through an art gallery to a theatre space. Once they returned to the gallery, it had been converted into the event space. The reveal of the gallery transformation adds a surprise factor to the event. 

Ditch the badge

Traditional conference name badges are sometimes required for entrance to a special event but can distract from the event experience. Make your special event more personalized and unique by using trendy wristbands to identify your attendees. Need the technology to capture attendee data? RFID or beacons can help you measure your event without the badge.

Shine light on the star of the show

Incorporating the right technology at the right time creates drama and a sense of immersion. Think through the total lighting design — even low-tech lighting can highlight the best aspects of any event. For example, a new product launch event switched to three light fixtures in a 10,000 square foot space: two on a speaker and one on the new product. The absence of light throughout the space created a dramatic effect and drew the attention of all attendees to the speaker and product. 

Small Matters

When every brand detail is attended to, the result is an immersive environment. In addition to the big items, think about how the tiniest details can go a long way: coasters, carpet and party favors matching the event theme are the little touches that tie an immersive experience all together. Small candles make great centerpieces and create an elegant mood for any event. Picnic tables and casual seating can help engage your guests in conversation and foster a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Not every event has a huge budget, but that doesn’t mean that the experience can’t blow your audience away. 

Out with a bang

Don’t let your event fizzle out. Plan an activity or a special send off, or craft a closing that will leave your guests excited for the next event. Small touches can make the closing feel special, like a barista bar crafting personalized coffee beverages for your guests before they go or a branded party favor to remember the event. Have your guests leave on a high note with a fireworks display or closing performance from the event entertainment. Big or small, make sure each guest exits wanting to share their experience with others. 

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