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Risk Ranch Named BMA’s Best Children’s App

Risk Ranch Named BMA’s Best Children’s App

Agriculture-based learning app created in conjunction with CME Group and 4-H wins BMA's Platinum Award

In collaboration with CME Group, FreemanXP designed and produced Risk Ranch. A highly addictive, single-player game, Risk Ranch challenges the player to take on the role of a modern day farmer and bring his or her steer to market. The app, developed by Arsenal Media, launched earlier this year as part of CME Group's Commodity Carnival state and county fair program.

From Best Mobile App Awards website: "Risk Ranch is the first and most exciting agriculture-based learning application for children of all ages. Fun and fast-paced, this single-player game engages kids with real-life content, challenging players to take on the role of a modern day farmer and bring a steer to market. The app is based on an interactive board game developed by CME Group and National 4-H to teach youth the importance of agricultural economics and risk management.

"On a plinko style board, players must avoid “risks” by physically tilting their mobile devices – navigating around red pegs that represent real risks relevant to a farmer: food prices, harsh weather or increasing gas prices. As players progress through the game, they’ll have a chance to experience all four seasons while learning about risks that affect the overall profit of the steer. Children must make strategic decisions in order to win the blue ribbon at the end!"

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