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Meet Pie: Event Budget Rise Shows Importance of Live Events

Meet Pie: Event Budget Rise Shows Importance of Live Events

FreemanXP leader is featured discussing the importance of live events

7/19/16 — From Meet Pie: "A 13.4 per cent rise in event marketing budgets during Q2 shows that live events are the 'bedrock' of brand marketing strategy, says FreemanXP...

"Speaking in response to the latest findings from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), Kim Myhre, SVP, International for FreemanXP EMEA, says brands are recognising the importance of brand experience in creating loyalty and advocacy...

"The second quarterly update from IPA's Bellwether Report revealed a resurgence in spending, with  23 percent of the survey’s 300 panellists indicating that event-related budgets were revised upwards during the period. Just one in 10 signalled a decline in the size of their event budgets, generating a net balance of 13.4 per cent growth – compared to 6 percent in the first quarter of 2016. Yet, the Bellwether has downgraded spending forecasts due to economic uncertainty in the wake of the EU referendum."

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