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MAXIMIZE THEIR JOURNEY: Acknowledging Achievement and Encouraging Fun

MAXIMIZE THEIR JOURNEY: Acknowledging Achievement and Encouraging Fun

Gamification can drive engagement, expectations, and the future

Throughout this series, we will explore the different ways to map an effective journey so that attendees’ needs are addressed and their wants are met: from guidance and value, to connections, achievement, and growth.

Winning isn’t everything. While the old adage still holds true, “winning” or achieving some higher level of success is important to many, if not most. Within Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” one’s need for achievement is critical to building their esteem, their enjoyment and their overall sense of value and self.

Meeting both the rational and emotional needs of attendees creates an environment of opportunity and success that can define the overall experience in the moment and into the future. As we’ve seen, by mapping the attendee journey to address their need for guidance, value, and connections, they become more open to deeper, more meaningful interactions.

But it’s one thing to engage in such activities. It’s another to enjoy it, be entertained by it, and be recognized for it.  

While winning definitely is not everything, award and reward your attendees and they will leave with a sense of purpose and achievement.


Like all of us, attendees want to feel valued. Many want to contribute. They have thoughts, opinions, and suggestions that, if addressed, can not only improve the experience, but also provide a sense of acknowledgment and appreciation. Achievement can take many forms, but an important one is the ability to put their newfound experience and knowledge on display. In fostering an environment for achievement, offering attendees a platform to share what they’ve learned and experienced is important. By crowdsourcing content and activities through social platforms, and deliver on what your audience is asking for. You then transform your attendees into something something greater—a community.


Introducing engaging and thoughtful content, through gamification, provides attendees with a connection to the event experience that is invaluable. For any attendee, achieving this level of involvement and appreciation for relevant and useful information immediately opens them up to much deeper levels of interaction and insight. By harnessing the inherent competitive streak that lives within each of us through elements of interaction and gamification, we can better drive meaning and purpose with the help of those who value it most.


Creating powerful brand experiences that intrigue and involve isn’t all fun and games. While some attendees might be in a playful mood, others are searching for a more strategic approach. As executives immerse themselves in the environment, many use this time to prepare and plan for the future of both their company and their industry. Providing opportunities for them to meet these higher level objectives creates a different level achievement—no games required.

To continue to explore how to maximize engagement throughout the attendees' journey by meeting their needs, download our insights paper.  Or explore this series to learn about guidance, value, connections, achievement, and growth
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