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Marketing Dive: How AR is Poised to Transform Event Marketing

Marketing Dive: How AR is Poised to Transform Event Marketing

Michael Schaiman, SVP of digital experience at Helios Interactive, a Freeman company

3/31/18— From Marketing Dive: "When predicting marketing trends, analysts and prognosticators tend to lump together virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The technologies are linked; both have a history that stretches back decades, both are in the midst of a renaissance driven by the rising processing power of mobile devices and both promise connections with audiences on new sensory levels...

"While VR offers fully immersive experiences, marketers shouldn't be too hasty to dismiss AR as its less-immersive little brother. By blending the digital and physical worlds, AR has the potential to amaze, instruct and engage users, literally expanding their perception of the world around them. As with any technology, AR is most effective when used purposefully as part of a strategic marketing plan. As marketers know, novelty wears off quickly. The key to a successful deployment of AR is not to merely impress, but to add value."

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