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London Design Awards: FreemanXP TrendLab Wins Silver for Event Experience

London Design Awards: FreemanXP TrendLab Wins Silver for Event Experience

Design awards celebrate creative and innovative event design

The FreemanXP TrendLab received silver award honors, event experience category, in the London Design Awards. The London Design Awards are organized by design100, a market centric program celebrating the courage of those who commission design projects and those who create design projects. The ratings process is led by the advisory panel, a group of over 180 global design experts. Their ratings are then combined with the design100 community. 

Entries were judged on a number of criteria, including originality, creativity; theming;  audience connection and engagement as well as experience design, attendee journey, and alignment to business objectives.

The FreemanXP TrendLab is an innovation incubator that examines trends, creates ideas and contributes to a better tomorrow. It also acts as a marketing program and tool kit that enables conversations with clients around the very trends that will impact their future and can help drive their business. By pairing the two (the “trends” and the “lab”), we are able to both show our awareness of market trends driving change and how clients must re-engineer their brand experiences as a result. The incubator format encourages clients to share key challenges they face, then our specialists match those challenges to trends that we see in the market today and make recommendations how they can use these to their fullest advantage. View the FreemanXP TrendLab here

About the London Design Awards

The London Design Awards is a member of the [city] design awards program incorporating seven global design capitals. Design100 is a global community of 65,000 design experts engaged in celebrating courage, recognizing design excellence and growing demand for design, with a panel of 180 of the world’s leading design minds providing curatorial, judging and design summit direction.

The [city] design awards are held in London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, providing the design community critical links into global markets and an efficient method to gain recognition in export markets.

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