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How Events Are Now Data-Driven

How Events Are Now Data-Driven

FreemanXP on how ROI is an important part of the event formula

4/6/17 — Our President Dan Hoffend was asked to talk about the significance of metrics in the events industry. Here's an excerpt from SIIA:

"''Today, digital strategy is vast becoming the key element in data and we’ve embraced how this technology can enhance the attendee experience beyond the live event.  This generates the opportunity for a marketing and communication strategy, presenting multiple paths to amplify the experience and drive continued awareness of the brand...

'We design each event to allow us to chart key metrics measuring the contact with audiences and providing clients with ROI. These metrics allow us to review and enhance our clients’ place in the market and measure the impact on the attendees.  Once measured, we use that information as a foundation for the next design. It’s a cycle that allows for subtle or significant changes to the way we all do business.'"

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