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How Brand Experience Fits into The Modern Marketing Approach

How Brand Experience Fits into The Modern Marketing Approach

Integrated, audience-driven tactics are a must for brands

Photos by Stephen Ambrose

CreativeBrief, an online business that specialises in connecting brands with agencies and vice versa, hosted a session entitled Modern Marketing Leadership in London recently. As I headed into the morning session at the trendy Picturehouse Central, I was intrigued to hear what top brand marketers had to say about how they approach their craft today, and where live experience fits into that mix.

Below are some of the key topics addressed during the session, supported by my thoughts around why live events and the opportunity to connect face-to-face with your target audiences are so important today.

A Multi-Platform Approach

In the digitally connected world we now live in, and with the mass of data available to us, it’s more important than ever before to personalise experiences for people in order to build brand loyalty and deeper relationships. Marketers from big name brands are developing more integrated plans, and they’re looking for agency partners to help them connect with consumers across more than traditional platforms such as TV and billboards — which is where brand experience and live events come into their own.   

Marketers are moving away from a linear model to a non-linear one, where marketing activities occur in a more natural way — the barrier between brand and audience is slowly dissolving.

Brand experience fits into this model perfectly. It isn’t subject to a distinct beginning, middle, and end like a TV spot, for example. Consumers are able to enjoy these face-to-face interactions in their own time, as they are granted access to the brand in a completely new way. Live events are also an excellent way for other types of non-linear content production, such as social media sharing and live video — the production of user-generated content is no doubt an important goal for marketers.  

Taking the Global Route   

There was consensus across the panel that opportunities lie within our increasingly converged technology and communications-driven worlds. Brands are keen to learn about the different wants and needs of their audiences across the globe, but at the same time they are looking for agencies which understand that this global activity needs to tie in with the messaging of their master brand.

The advantage of brand experiences is that they can be tailored to suit local audiences, taking into account things such as cultural nuances and trends. An event hosted in London, for example, will have to be curated differently to an event in Shanghai, yet the brand’s core values can still form the basis of that event and its story woven throughout.

New Forms of Engagement

Brands know that in order to catch the consumer’s attention, they need to be more disruptive than ever, by engaging with them in unexpected ways and making themselves more accessible, and they’re seeking out agencies that understand this vision. It’s nevertheless important that brand relevance and authenticity must remain at the heart of all campaigns.

Budget allocation continues to be an important consideration when crafting a marketing plan, as brands increasingly look to deliver campaigns that are genuinely measurable and communicate a clear brand purpose. Those plans that include a live element are more likely to see a return on engagement and investment, as they enable consumers to create that emotional bond with a brand. 

Marketers are more agile and forward-thinking than ever, presenting a multitude of opportunities for our industry. The most successful are developing truly integrated, multi-platform marketing plans, of which brand experience forms an important part. Not only do live events connect brands with consumers in meaningful and measurable ways, they can effectively drive understanding and ultimately advocacy among brands’ target audiences. 

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