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Four Ways to Unleash the Power of Your Employees

Four Ways to Unleash the Power of Your Employees

Turning your employees into brand evangelists is the secret to successful brand marketing

At FreemanXP, we spend quite a bit of time working in partnership with Fortune 500 companies creating and delivering targeted communications and experiential marketing programs to enhance employee engagement. According to Forbes, a highly engaged workforce is a somewhat rare occurrence that delivers bottom line results through enhanced loyalty, productivity, and innovation. At the same time, turnover costs decrease as clients and innovation stays put within your organization. Engaging your employees can help stave off the general malaise that can befall a business with less engaged teams.

But what many do not realize is that a highly engaged workforce is also your most potent marketing tool to help build, promote, and evangelize your brand.

There is no better way to spread the word and gain consideration, interest, and acceptance of your company, product, services, and value proposition than through your workforce. And I'm not referring to the sales channel alone. Every constituent in your company’s ecosystem can be positively impacted by and through your employees if you have engaged your teams in ways that help them become evangelists for your brand.

How do you unleash the power of your employee-evangelists to move your business forward? Here are a few simple ideas:

Give Them a Voice
An engaged workforce needs a vehicle to spread their belief in the brand. There are some organizations that do this well and others that may have highly engaged teams, but have not yet fully tapped the power of their people. An engaged and motivated employee who isn’t primarily in a client-facing role still has the ability to make a difference in telling your story. Create ways for them to have a voice through traditional and social media channels and let them know that this is not only an encouraged activity that is fully supported by management, but that it is engrained in the core culture of the company.

Ask Them to Collaborate
Part of providing a voice to your evangelists is to also supply a means for them to collaborate with internal and external teams. Let them step out of the day-to-day tasks they are assigned and create forums, round tables, and simple initiatives that allow them to let their passions for the brand shine through. This can have extremely minimal costs but potentially large gains if executed correctly. It should be carried out in a way that is organic to the business, and not overwhelming or inordinately time consuming.

Create Intersections
Providing a voice can be accomplished by creating intersections with customers, partners, and prospects that might otherwise not exist. Create ways for your evangelists to intersect with your most important audiences. For example, you could weave your employees into your sales channel efforts, business-to-business experiential marketing programs, or consumer marketing efforts. Some of the most authentic conversations can be had not only by your sales channel but also by others in the organization that are deeply committed to and knowledgeable of your products and services.

Reward Them
Involving your employee evangelists in these types of efforts could be seen as a reward on their own. Asking your teams who are not in traditional marketing, sales, or communications roles to help in the process reinforces the idea that they are valued and respected employees. There are other simple ways for rewarding your evangelists for directing their passion for the brand towards business enhancing efforts. Gift card programs, mentions on your intranet, profile pieces in internal communications, and other such simple efforts can offer what might seem like modest rewards with big impact, simply because you are creating a mechanism for recognition.

If your organization has successfully engaged your employees and you have a passionate and committed workforce, take the next step and use their passions to fuel your success by leveraging them against your sales and marketing efforts. Let me know how you created brand evangelists out of your employees.

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