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EventTech 2017

EventTech 2017

Fresh ideas for innovative tech you can add to the event experience

Join us at EventTech in Las Vegas November 13-15 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV to learn about the latest digital trends in brand experience.

How to Activate Multiplayer VR Experiences

Date and Time: 9:00-9:30 A.M November 15

Virtual reality has a throughput problem. The bottleneck created by a one-device-per-consumer “policy” is too large for many brands to overcome. And the goggles? They create a solitary experience, the novelty of which has begun to wear off. Enter: the evolution of this immersive technology—the multiplayer experience—that appeals to larger audiences and gets more individuals involved in the activation. In this session, learn how to ditch the headsets in favor of solutions like users’ own mobile devices to add theater and excitement to VR experiences in a dynamic group setting.

Presenter: Michael Schaiman, Managing Director, Helios

Next-Gen Audience Engagement Tools

Date and Time: 9:00-9:30 A.M November 15

Passive audiences are out. Active audiences are in. Today’s attendee wants to do more than listen to someone speak and take notes. Attendees want to participate and contribute. Which is where audience engagement technology comes in. In this session, hear about more than 10 solutions and apps that range from real-time polls to audience chat to social sharing to up-voting and more. Plus, gain tips for empowering speakers to transform their presentations into conversations, and learn how to use data and analytics to measure the impact of the content and presentation.

Presenter: Ken Holsinger, VP Digital Solutions, Freeman

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