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Crafting a Culture of Creativity

Crafting a Culture of Creativity

Join us for breakfast and a healthy discussion on the importance of culture in a creative workplace.

Tuesday, June 20th: 8:00-10:00am FreemanXP, 350 Rhode Island Street, 220N, San Francisco 

Bringing together a panel of perspectives, both fresh and more seasoned, we will discuss their experiences in and opinions around the optimal environment in which to produce great work. Gain practical tips and insights to affect your own workplace culture from within.

Panelists: Peter McGrath, SVP Creative, FreemanXP, Rose Yunt, Designer at Atlassian, Andy Cunningham, Brand Strategist/Entrepreneur, and Malin Seijboldt, Student at Academy of Art. 
Moderated by: Colleen Courtney, Director of Studio Management, FreemanXP

For more information visit the San Francisco Design Week website.

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