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Conference News: Licensed to Thrill Delegates

Conference News: Licensed to Thrill Delegates

FreemanXP leadership advises on how to keep audiences engagement

10/30/17 — From Conference News: "There’s no escaping the fact that some conferences can be a trifle dull. It’s all well and good booking a room and hiring a projector, but this runs the risk of losing a delegate’s attention. Without going overboard, it is possible to add a touch of creativity to your event that, if executed correctly, will keep your delegates engaged and willing to absorb your content. So what tips do some of the UK’s top agencies have for event professionals?"

"On staying true to the content, Pip Fann, senior account director at FreemanXP EMEA says: 'It’s all about research, research, research. This involves analysing the pre-event delegate questionnaire and reflecting on feedback from the previous year’s event to understand what worked and what didn’t work, and looking into key trends specific to that particular industry, to ensure the content on offer will be relevant, fresh and informative.'" 

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