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CES: A Millennial’s Perspective on Innovative Tech and Engaging Brand Experiences

CES: A Millennial’s Perspective on Innovative Tech and Engaging Brand Experiences

Authenticity and personalization win the day

Contributor: Lucas Clark

Ahh… Millennials. The hope for the future, the challenge for many… and a code that many marketers feel must be cracked. And stat, because younger audiences are truly coming of age with buying power and B2B decision making. 

What happens when we ask our own Millennial to walk the show floor at CES and tell us what is new and interesting (thank you, Lucas!)? We get some great insights that event marketers can incorporate into their next brand experience, plus some additional feedback that we thought might be helpful for marketers looking to reach this all-important audience type.

As a self-described “typical” millennial, Lucas says that he is used to the consistent bombardment of novel content and products. These are the videos, tweets, etc. that younger audiences consume and brush off without as much as a second thought.

At CES, this attitude evoked both feelings of enjoyment and skepticism. In Lucas’s mind, CES is comprised of innovative technology, innovation is novel, and novel is enjoyable… at least while it’s still novel. However, once the novelty wears off, like so many YouTube videos, there is no need to see it again. The products and experiences that really capture audiences’ attention have two specific qualities: they are authentic and they are personal.

Many things at CES caught Lucas’s eye. But be careful, because attention is not the same thing as engagement. Attention can be given in a hundred directions every day. The latter is exclusive and requires portraying a level of authenticity that breaches skepticism and evokes a personal connection.

Want some examples? We all know that virtual reality was the belle of the ball at CES this year. The VR tech the resonated most with Lucas was, oddly enough, a fitness machine ICAROS that incorporates your moments in VR flying, biking, driving, etc. in a manner that is highly immersive and a great workout. Gaming + exercise = purchase. Lucas also describes a new app, RapidSOS, that allows avid travelers to tap into emergency assistance by contacting local services based on your location in the US and soon (in development) across the globe, providing a simple and personalized solution to a common concern. Finally, Altair showcased a 3D printing functionality that offers the ability to capture multiple pictures of an object from different angles and then print it in 3D. This hit a personal note as a new way of encapsulating moments and memories.

Remember that the key to engaging audiences (not just Millennials) is to create an authentic experience that evokes a personal connection. Do that, and you may just win them over for life.

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