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CEI Asia: Alexa, What is the Secret to Using Chatbots at Events?

CEI Asia: Alexa, What is the Secret to Using Chatbots at Events?

How Freeman brought Alexa to action for maximized brand engagement

11/1/17 — From CEI Asia: "David Haas, technology solutions director at FreemanXP, says his team worked closely with Marketo to better understand delegate needs and uncover what they were most interested in learning on-site...

“'We had the challenge of building voice-powered skills [into Alexa], but simultaneously needed to make it fun and engaging,” he says. “We worked with Marketo to understand the ‘voice’, how to word responses, and how ‘fun’ each response could be.”

Essentially, a chatbot offers a way to automatically communicate with people in a personal, contextual way using artificial intelligence. They can run the gamut of relatively simple message-based platforms, to extremely sophisticated voice-powered machines. And the smartest chatbots incorporate machine learning—i.e. the ability to acquire knowledge and information beyond that which is programmed by developers.

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David Haas

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It's about each client’s business objectives. He finds the latest technologies, explores their benefits, and helps clients leverage them to gain a strategic advantage. Whether it’s a mobile platform, social media activation, digital signage, or something completely off the wall, David is on top...

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