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Campaign Asia: How that Really Works — Performer Riders

Campaign Asia: How that Really Works — Performer Riders

FreemanXP on what it takes to keep the peace and how to handle event challenges

2/05/18 - From Campaign Asia: "What makes an acceptable rider? Leanne Ash, FreemanXP, 'A rider really can vary depending on the type of event and the talent performing. Overall, it’s important that the talent receives whatever they need to perform at their peak (within reason). Failure to do so can ultimately impact how an event is received by the crowd...

"What is the best way to manage challenging requests? 
Ash, 'It sounds a little cheesy, but with a smile! No matter how outlandish the requests may be, our teams will scour the city to track down whatever it is that the talent requires and ensure everything is prepared to their liking. Some examples of more unusual requests we have come across have included six hard boiled eggs (with the shells on) and a dark room to rest.'"

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