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Best of 2017: Top Takeaways for Marketers

Best of 2017: Top Takeaways for Marketers

How the most popular content of the year can help us prepare what's next

It’s the time of year when event marketers and brand marketers hit recharge. Before you gear up for 2018, reflect and explore the top trends and tips of the year for inspiration.

Most Popular Content:

Top Takeaways

Here are some of the key insights from the above most-read articles of 2017 — and a look at predictions for the future.

Without a doubt, brand experience is becoming essential to marketing strategy because of the unique ability to build a meaningful relationship with a brand. Brand experience is no longer on the wish-list — it’s a must have. The 2017 Freeman Global Brand Experience Study research revealed 1 in 3 CMOs expect to allocate 21-50 percent of their budget to brand experience and 9 in 10 Marketers agree brand experience delivers more compelling engagement. The investment in brand experience is important and now it is possible to measure the return.

A more strategic sponsorship approach is on the rise for brands. This year we saw brands tailor sponsorship to specific audiences. Knowing who to reach and how is the first step in developing an innovative plan. Don’t deliver the same experience year over year — your audiences will appreciate something new, personal, and intentional.

As you look to plan for the new year, remember that connecting people with a brand is easier said than done. Go overboard and the brand loses authenticity. Don’t deliver on expectations and you lose brand loyalty. A winning brand experience is a careful balance of digital, sensory, and face to face that resonates with your audience.

Check out our predictions for the new year to prepare for what’s next in brand experience. 

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