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B-to-B VR: Visa’s Immersive Employee Education Experiences

B-to-B VR: Visa’s Immersive Employee Education Experiences

Join us to for tips to create thriving programs with digital

The immersive qualities of virtual reality make it an innovative tool for creating compelling educational experiences that are entertaining, too. The challenge, however, is leveraging it in a group setting. In this session, hear how Visa University, an internal learning program, deployed a new multiplayer VR technology that allowed several individuals to engage together via their mobile devices while a “captain” guided the experience in the virtual space. Get the scoop on how it works, best practices on everything from mastering the learning curve to creating custom content, and walk away with fresh ideas for incorporating VR into your next b-to-b event.

Wednesday, May 16th: 1:30-2:15pm Marriott Marquis, San Francisco 

Presented by: 

Kara Orellana, Program Coordinator, VISA
Tom Maher, Director, Digital Experience, Helios Interactive

Register through the Experiential Marketing Summit Website.

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