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Audience Engagements Insights from PharmaForum

Audience Engagements Insights from PharmaForum

Cross-industry panel weighs in on making marketing matter

What marketer doesn’t want to get to know their audience better? Understanding your audience and providing value to them is what it’s all about – in the live event space or with any element of the marketing mix. 

At CBI’s Pharma Forum, this was a hot topic and the central theme of a cross-industry exchange featuring several marketing superstars. The session, “How to Revolutionize Content-Driven Events” offered insights from top marketers hailing from varied industries and organizations like American Express Global Business Travel, Oracle, GMIC, Microsoft, and Dell. Here’s what they had to say:

Audience-Centric Communications

The group advocated for an audience-first approach to marketing. Gaining an in-depth understanding of your audience before planning how to deliver your message will result in a more memorable message. Marketers need to understand who the audience is, what they care about, and what they expect to achieve. With this in mind, marketers can then maximize their efforts through communications and ultimately create a brand experience that will inspire audiences to action.


The panel agreed that Millennials are the new B-to-B audience. They are poised to be the most educated generation in history. Millennials live a lifestyle of multitasking, fast communication, constant connection, and immediate gratification. They want to be involved, not talked to. Marketers can earn their respect by asking for their opinions and engaging them in content co-creation. Download our Insights Paper to learn more about event marketing to Millennials.

Live Events Deliver

When done right, live events are not only effective, but often a very desirable component of the marketing mix. The event strategy, experience design, and execution should align with your broader marketing strategies so that they come to life at your event. The space occupied by your event should be carefully curated to move the mindset of the attendee, offering unexpected moments of surprise and delight, fostering unplanned conversation, and facilitating unintentional learning — all surrounding your brand. 

Learn more about engaging audiences. Download our Insights Paper on Unleashing the Power of Community
Contributors: Jay Rule; Chris Metzger

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