FreemanXP Marks Two-Year Milestone with Office Move and Continued Growth in Europe

Brand experience agency anticipates continued growth and success in EMEA

LONDON – 20 May, 2016 – FreemanXP, the brand experience agency within Freeman, is celebrating its second year of business in the UK, and has recently relocated to larger premises in London. This is a testament to the agency’s continuous growth since inception, as well as plans for on-going expansion throughout 2016 and beyond. 

FreemanXP was comprised of a handful of full-time staff members when it was established in 2014 in the UK. Today, the agency employs more than 20 full-time staff, and there are plans to continue to grow over the next 12 months, with the strategy and client services teams key focus areas.

To better accommodate its rapidly growing team, the agency has recently relocated to new offices at Seven Moor Street in London’s bustling Soho area. The multi-levelled, open plan space is designed to inspire creativity, and staff are encouraged to collaborate across various different desk configurations and meeting areas.

The FreemanXP team in EMEA is made up of individuals with backgrounds in the advertising, marketing, film, design and journalism industries, alongside highly experienced event professionals. It is this unique approach that enables FreemanXP to deliver engaging and thought-provoking brand experiences that challenge traditional ways of thinking.

Central to this is the theory of intersectional design thinking, which the agency draws on to bring unexpected concepts and ideas together – so that they ‘intersect’ – to create new and innovative offerings for clients. 

“FreemanXP in the UK has been on an exciting journey over the past two years,” said Kim Myhre, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at FreemanXP in EMEA. “Our unique intersectional design approach to creating brand experiences that are engaging, inspiring and lead to measureable results has really resonated with our growing list of clients. We are excited to be in our new offices above the famous ‘Spice of Life’ music venue in Soho and look forward to continuing to collaborate with our clients to create breakthrough brand experiences.”

About Freeman

Recognised by Advertising Age as one of the world’s largest brand experience companies, Freeman uses the power of integrated digital and live brand experiences to move markets, connect people, support growth and generate revenues for the world’s leading organizations. A design-driven company, Freeman generates insights that define program strategies, target audiences and deliver messages that generate meaningful results. Through its expansive global network of offices, talent and partnerships, Freeman has the reach and access that is unmatched in the industry. A family- and employee-owned company, Freeman is known for its 89-year history of stability, strength and customer service achievements. Freeman is a values-driven company with a strong and purpose-built culture that is dedicated to connecting people in meaningful ways. This is accomplished through a process of continuous innovation and improvement. Freeman produces more than 5,000 expositions annually and 12,500 other events worldwide. Freeman has been awarded six consecutive J.D. Power awards for the excellence of its Customer Call Centre.

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About FreemanXP

FreemanXP uses the power of intersectional design thinking to create and deliver innovative, personalised brand experiences that drive results. Whether online or live, we connect individuals and brands in ways that accelerate engagement and create transformational change on a global scale. FreemanXP is backed by the reputation, stability and superior service of Freeman. We leverage Freeman’s experience, relationships and unmatched global resources to bring a whole new level of flexibility and scale to our clients’ programmes.

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