Haluk Kulin on the Power of Brand Experience and Marketing

Haluk Kulin on the Power of Brand Experience and Marketing

Why an experience is worth a million words

Passion and honesty are two things that really drive Haluk Kulin, SVP, strategy and data for FreemanXP and member of the Freeman Design Leadership Council. According to Haluk, these two qualities hold tremendous value in this world. 

In this video, Haluk shares his perspective on these qualities and how they influence our work.

Marketing for the greater good

Can marketing improve lives? If you approach marketing from the perspective of helping people, it’s possible. Brands should find ways of telling people stories about how to build better opportunities and greater value for themselves. This, in turn, generates greater value and more business for the brand. 

The impact of experiences

And what better way of creating marketing opportunities that help people than through brand experience? For Haluk, an experience is feeling something fully in body, mind, and spirit. It is being present in an environment that impacts you deeply. When we say a picture is worth a thousand words, well — an experience is worth a million. 

Data and technology as learning tools

Finally, Haluk has a great passion for data and technology, particularly as tools to learn about the human condition. Why? Data can show us an element of the truth. It can give us feedback based on what impact we wanted to achieve and what actually has happened. There is no other tool out there like it.