Celebrating Online Community with VidCon

Celebrating Online Community with VidCon

An over-the-top, face-to-face brand experience for digital natives

How do you bridge the gap between consuming online content and creating an in-person experience people clamor for? 

Enter Vidcon, the largest gathering of the online video community.

The four-day conference gives people the chance to embrace their favorites together as they celebrate everything about the online video industry. Content opportunities exist everywhere in the form of panels, meet and greets, concerts, parties, exhibit booth experiences, and more.

And unlike the digital medium the event celebrates, all physical senses are involved at VidCon — creating a truly immersive, intense, and special experience ripe with Instagrammable moments.

Watch this clip to learn how traditional media forms are eagerly rushing to catch up to the digital space, brought to life through this unique brand experience. Hear from:

  • Hank Green, Founder and Chairman, VidCon
  • Michael Gardner, Chief Strategy Officer, VidCon
  • Brands like Universal Pictures and Taco Bell