Standing Out at RSNA

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Making Connections

Hitachi wanted to shake things up.

The company was launching a consolidated new business segment, Hitachi Healthcare, at the radiology industry’s biggest event, the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) exhibition. 

Social media stood out as an opportunity to build engagement quickly, and Hitachi turned to FreemanXP for help. After establishing the Hitachi Healthcare identity on Twitter and Instagram, we started connecting with media, RSNA speakers and Hitachi vendors exhibiting at RSNA. The social content had to be both substantive and brimming with personality, so we implemented multiple tactics.

Building a Presence Everywhere

Short videos filmed in-booth showcased Hitachi’s most engaging sales reps demonstrating products and interviewing Hitachi executives and influencers. In-booth press conferences engaged media, while “Meet the Speaker” TweetUps let digital attendees interact with presenters. Giveaways and contests kept the content lighthearted, while a Twitter/Instagram wall provided real-time visibility. Daily recaps highlighted top moments, with recommendations for the next day.

To take advantage of face-to-face time with customers, we conducted interviews that led to valuable feedback on Hitachi products, customer service and more. Sharing customer quotes and photos built a community of engagement around the Hitachi Healthcare brand. Meanwhile, the team attended RSNA sessions and posted “retweetable” takeaways. We shared content from Hitachi vendors, earning goodwill and creating a sense of partnership. 

Measuring Impact

As a result, Hitachi became the “voice” of RSNA.

The product videos particularly caught traction, leading to clicks to our demo registration page and more than a dozen attendees asking to speak with the featured sales rep featured by name. Meticulous hashtagging ensured that anyone following RSNA on social media also experienced the Hitachi brand.

In less than two weeks, we built from scratch a solid community of over 2,000 Twitter and Instagram followers, while our 356 Hitachi posts tied to RSNA achieved nearly 74,000 impressions. In fact, Hitachi Healthcare owned 21.5 percent social share of voice and one out of five Instagram conversations involved Hitachi Healthcare, helping the brand stand out in a crowd of 705 exhibitors and more than 45,000 attendees.