Building Personality

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    RSNA Conference
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Creating a Splash

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference draws 55,000 radiologists, hospital administrators and technicians each year.

Hitachi is a leading provider of radiology diagnostic equipment and typically a major presence at the event. Hitachi wanted to unite several of its healthcare groups, including Hitachi Medical Services and others, into a new Hitachi Healthcare brand—which would emerge publicly for the first time at RSNA.

Hitachi needed to launch this new business segment with a splash and turned to FreemanXP to ensure all elements of the brand would be dynamic and cohesive at the event.

Comprehensive, Full-Scale Approach

Our work started months before the event began.

We started with a comprehensive marketing campaign utilizing social media, email and billboards to build excitement and springboard Hitachi Healthcare onto the scene.

For the event, we developed a hierarchy of messaging and new branding elements to connect everything together. Video production, presentation scripting and exhibit graphics helped ensure that every aspect of the environment delivered a “wow” moment.

The showroom floor posed some challenges, with Hitachi in a new location at the back of the hall. Fortunately, the Hitachi Medical exhibit we had created for the previous year’s event incorporated a very flexible design. We were able to reconfigure and repurpose key display elements to maximize the new space this year.

As people entered the exhibit, greeters engaged with them and conducted important customer surveys. For every completed survey, Hitachi donated to a charity of the customer’s choice— ensuring that attendees felt good about participating. Meanwhile, fun elements like a contest to see how many people could fit in a Hitachi MRI scanner encouraged attendees to linger and converse.

Standing Out and Getting Noticed

FreemanXP’s 360-degree approach transformed the energy of the entire exhibit.

Prominent branding and a recognizable, memorable personality that stood out, despite being located at the back of the hall. RSNA organizers even announced that the Hitachi exhibit was the place to be!

Hitachi was so impressed with the designs we created for its exclusive Imaging Insiders evening program that it intends to use the new branding in its own marketing campaigns going forward.

Most importantly, Hitachi saw immediate ROI. It had the most surveys completed and the most quality leads, even though it didn't have the most traffic. One buyer even approached Hitachi directly, brochure in hand, ready to buy!