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Visa is more than just a credit card.

It’s a global payments technology company.

What's more, Visa provides consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories with access to the world’s largest retail electronic payments network through a range of Visa-branded products and services. 

To support its global branding efforts, Visa participates in 125 to 150 events per year around the world with exhibits. These range from pop-up booths to double-deck structures over 200 square meters in size. Attendance runs from 200 at local events to over 200,000 at international trade shows. 

Opportunities Large and Small

FreemanXP works with Visa to establish a level of creativity, control, and responsiveness in its experiential marketing portfolio.

This is done to maximize the return on Visa's event investments and ensure global brand consistency. This includes events in China, Singapore, France, Spain, Canada, North America, and South Africa, with more venues in more countries to come. FreemanXP is tasked with planning and executing these events while ensuring the brand experience is the same, whether at a massive international show, or at a small pop-up event.

Our team traverses the globe for Visa, ensuring that issues are avoided and every event goes as planned, whether it’s ensuring flawless execution in Barcelona or putting an exhibit back together after a wind gust in Las Vegas.

Peace of Mind

From Visa’s perspective, the relationship with FreemanXP is very successful.

Not only does FreemanXP juggle the varied size and scope of the events with ease, each event draws in large, yet appropriate audiences and treats them to an experience that, while unique to the venue and mission of the event, is consistent around the globe.

The partnership between FreemanXP and Visa crosses all borders of geography and industry. We’ve helped stage engaging experiences at major conferences on two opposite ends of the spectrum, from Mobile World Congress in Spain to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. And the positioning has worked—thanks in part to our work, Visa has landed featured articles in major publications like the Wall Street Journal. 

Visa has peace of mind knowing it has the nimble, client-focused benefits of a boutique agency backed by one of the most successful companies in the business: Freeman.